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The Cadbury Story

John Cadbury tells you the inspiring story of his early struggles to establish the business and introduces his sons Richard and George.

Together the Cadbury family explain how their Quaker beliefs led them to build a new and better kind of factory, in a green-field site away from the smoke and grime of the city.


Find out how chocolate is made!

Find out how popular Cadbury brands are made, including Creme Egg, Buttons and Roses, with our interactive video stations.


4D Chocolate Adventure

Ride the Crunchie rollercoaster and dive into liquid Cadbury Dairy Milk! Join Freddo, and a whole host of Cadbury characters, as they whisk you away on an adventurous journey in our 4D cinema experience, complete with motion seats.

Dive into a bowl of liquid Cadbury Dairy Milk, ride the Crunchie Rollercoaster and take to the skies in a Cadbury Creme Egg airship piloted by the Caramel Bunny. Hold tight!


Bull Street

Walk into Bull Street, a full-scale replica of the original street where John Cadbury opened his shop in 1824!

See what's for sale in the shops and take some photos of the very first Cadbury products.
Gain an understanding of what life was like in 1824 for families at this time with an interactive performance before John Cadbury appears to introduce you on to the next part of the tour.



It's Cadbury World's very own popular Cadabra ride - a magical journey full of surprises.
Step into one of our Beanmobiles and enjoy a gentle ride through a chocolate wonderland full of familiar characters as you discover the magic of Cadbury. It's great fun - especially for kids - and one of the Beanmobiles can accommodate wheelchairs, so everyone can enjoy the ride.


Making Chocolate Story

What makes Cadbury chocolate so deliciously wonderful?

Here's where you'll find out how we do it in our special-effects cinema presentation. Discover how it's made and hold on tight, you could be in for a few surprises!

Learn about the most important ingredients of milk chocolate...

...and the way Cadbury combines them to create that unique Cadbury taste.


Aztec Jungle

Travel 1000 years back in time to Mexico, where you'll walk through the tropical rainforest of the Mayan Indians.

Discover the origins of the cocoa bean, amidst trees and waterfalls, deep in the ancient tropical rainforest. But be warned - Aztec Emperor Montezuma is very protective of his cocoa!
Discover how the cocoa tree was central to their culture, and see the Aztec Emperor Montezuma whose favourite drink was 'chocolatl'. And just who was the man who brought cocoa beans back to Europe?


Purple Planet

It's state-of-the-art, it's interactive - it's out of this world!

Ever played in chocolate rain, grown your own cocoa tree or chased Creme Eggs? Well now you can!
Experience chocolate like you never have before..
Here's a fun interactive experience you won't forget - enter the Purple Planet and experience a world of digital chocolate delights!


Advertising Adventure

Take a trip down memory lane.

Always pioneers, Cadbury's advertising has been at the forefront over the years, generating awareness, innovation (and drumming gorillas!).


The Bourneville Experience

Uncover the heritage and history of Bournville Village

Fascinating for all ages, the Bournville Experience focuses on the Quaker ethics of the Cadbury family and how the Bournville Village came to be built. Come and see how the values that were so important to the company's founders are still relevant in the company today.

Did you know that Richard and George Cadbury founded Bournville Village?


Chocolate Making

Watch our chocolatiers work their magic.

The talented Cadbury World chocolatiers demonstrate traditional chocolate-making skills on exclusive handmade items sold in our shop.

Then choose a favourite treat - from marshmallows to popping candy - to add to a delicious pot of warm liquid Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Chocolate items hand-made by our chocolatiers are available at the World's Biggest Cadbury Shop, subject to availability.


Order a unique chocolate plaque or novelty and our talented chocolatiers will customise your gift with Cadbury chocolate!


Journey to Europe

Watch as our mini theatre presentations tell you about the arrival of chocolate to Europe.
Learn how Hernán Cortéz brought the wonderful cocoa bean back to our continent and how chocolate quickly became the drink of choice in high society.


Look out for the buccaneers in the tale - arrr!


Green Screen

Take a soak in the Flake bath, jump out of Easter eggs and surf on a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar!
Choose from a selection of backdrops for your green screen photo experience, with photos available to purchase at our photo collection points. We recommend not wearing green clothing on the day as this cannot be detected by the green screen.



Welcome to the World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop!

No visit to Cadbury World would be complete without stopping off in the World's Biggest Cadbury Shop. We've Cadbury treats galore and plenty of special offers that you won't find anywhere else. For souvenirs or essential chocolate supplies, you will always find something here to suit.

Don't miss the Factory Zone for unbeatable bulk-buys and bargains!

The 4D Chocolate Adventure zone stocks a variety of exclusive Cadbury World merchandise and chocolate too!

And you don’t have to be visiting the whole exhibition to go in – come by whenever you like to stock up with Cadbury goodies. We are open 1.5 hours after the last tour entry time. See our Opening Times here.
You can order some items from the shop through the post. Please call us on 0844 880 7667* to enquire.

*Calls cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s network access charge.

Did you know you can visit the World's Biggest Cadbury Shop without a ticket to Cadbury World! Find the entrance located in reception.


Cadbury World Cafe

Welcome to the Cadbury World Café, where we feed your imagination with our fun new restaurant and delicious food menu, complete with Cadbury dairy milk cows!

Serving everything from sandwiches and cake to a wide range of hearty main meals, we have something to suit all tastes. And we’re not just for Cadbury World visitors. Our café is open to everyone, so come inside and enjoy your morning coffee or have a picnic with our sandwich meal deal.

The Cadbury World Café provides good value and great tasting food… with a little bit of fun and a good dollop of Cadbury chocolate thrown in for good measure!

The Cadbury Café is located just off the main reception area next door to the shop which you can see on entering the building. Please enquire for any special dietary requirements with a member of staff to see our alternative options. 

You can visit the Cadbury Cafe without a ticket to Cadbury World. We are located next to the main reception!


African Adventure Play Area

Take on the heights of our adventure play area.

Up to three storeys high with tube slides, climbing zones and rope bridges, there's plenty of fun to be had in our African Adventure Play Area. This area is only suitable for children aged 5-14 years.

And for mini-explorers, there's a separate zone for the under 5's!


The African Adventure Play Area zone can be visited before or after your exhibition tour time. Please see our Opening Times for more information.



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